Lesson Plan #2: The Tipping Point

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  1. Actionable Book Summary: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  2. 2016/2017 Season
  3. Identity – Normativity – Possibility – Audacity
  4. What is phishing?
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Actionable Book Summary: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Come to think of it, Mavens are a representation of a successful affiliate marketer. Think about it, the most famous advice to become successful online is to share freely what you know with others. Now you simply need to structure what you know and share it. To be a Maven is to be a teacher.

2016/2017 Season

But it is also, even more emphatically, to be a student. Mavens are really information brokers, sharing and trading what they know. The words that come out of your month have the power to impact the people around you. However, we rarely think or talk about this. Focus on one thing at a time.

Malcom Gladwell - 3 Rules of Epidemics - The Tipping Point

Try to present one idea at a time. We get distracted quite easily. Especially nowadays when the world is swarmed with information, products, and millions of websites fight for our attention. What he found was quite shocking. Apparently, immediately after stories about people committing suicides are shared in the news, suicides in this area increase. A bad one as you can clearly see.

Identity – Normativity – Possibility – Audacity

Love taking notes? Download the worksheet:. I was quite surprised that The Tipping Point is generally considered as a business book. Throughout the book, the author shares stories and observations that aim to help you understand what makes something tip. How an idea can spread across people and it can transition from 0 followers to an international infection, in a good way. Also, how seemingly minor changes can somehow have big effects over a relatively short period of time.

Is more of a collection of stories that explain the principles of epidemics and how people behave in different situations.

What is phishing?

The main thing I learned in the book is that you should deliver clear messages. The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

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That is the paradox of the epidemic: that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first. Amazon Share Tweet.

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  • by Marc Camoletti Adapted by Robin Hawdon.

Quick Facts: Ideas, products, messages, songs, and behaviors spread just like viruses do. How can we realise a holistic concept of prosperity for all today? What will be private and what will be public goods, services, institutions but also responsibilities? Who will forge new alliances of responsibility?

Audacity of initiative is what we now need. We do this by strengthening civil society and contemporary culture, and by fostering social inclusion. Together, we have set out to mark this th anniversary with an in-depth debate on topics that define our present and our future, curated by Verena Ringler.

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Verena Ringler founded and directs European Commons , a network that initiates and realizes transformative formats of dialogue and exchange in European diplomacy, politics, business and the non-profit sector. She developed her user-centered and multi-disciplinary approach to leadership in European integration in longer stints in magazine journalism, diplomacy, as well as philanthropy.

Download e-book Lesson Plan #2: The Tipping Point

She worked as editor with Foreign Policy magazine from to Washington D. From to , she built the communications side of a transatlantic diplomatic team in Pristina, Kosovo. She also studied in Uppsala, Vienna, and her hometown, Innsbruck. She authored more than pieces in magazines and multi-media formats. Follow us. Identity — Normativity — Possibility — Audacity.